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I want to be brutally honest

This Isn’t For Everyone…

Hi, I’m Ralph Dibugnara. But I’d rather talk about you…

Between ‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix and the endless list of real estate “gurus” online, investing in property has moved away from the values that make our industry unique. Passion, purpose, and positive impact – these are more than buzzwords to me. They’re the principles the Disruptor Network was founded on.

I co-founded the Disruptor Network to put you in front of the REAL disruptors in real estate and business. I believe in breaking down the barriers in real estate, while making a positive impact on millions of lives.

Whether you’re looking to move into real estate or take your entrepreneurial vision to the next level, this is your opportunity to network with the minds who have closed BILLIONS of dollars in sales revenue. If you’re ready to launch, grow or ignite your career, and you’re driven to make a difference in the world…

Then welcome to the Disruptor Network.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What does Ralph Dibugnara know about real estate?

Ralph is a nationally recognized real estate expert innovating the role of agents in the industry by using social media to create profitable personal and professional brands. Growing his own mortgage loan company from $600 million a year to $2 billion in 2020, Ralph is the real estate mogul proving market uncertainties and pandemics aren’t obstacles to success when you have the right strategy.

Is the Disruptors Network only for aspiring agents?

No. The Disruptors Network naturally shares Ralph’s success in real estate, but the skills taught underpin success in any professional field. The road to success is paved with niches. If you’re an entrepreneur with a niche vision, the Disruptors Network has the resources you need to take the next step.

What will I get out of joining the Disruptor Academy?

We teach the skills needed to excel in real estate and business, with a focus on leaving a legacy as much as building wealth. But it’s not all theory – Disruptor Academy students receive a $24,000 base salary, medical and 401k benefits for loan officers. Plus bonus plan attached to production.